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RoboPutt to Attend PGA Merchandising Show in January 2014

image001San Diego, CA. — Robo Innovations is pleased to announce that they will be attending the 2014 PGA
Merchandising Show January 22-24 in Orlando, Florida.

Robo Innovations will be located at booth #713 for the upcoming PGA Merchandising Show. At the booth Robo
Innovations will have three of their products: RoboPutt, RoboChip, and RoboPitch. RoboPutt is a game
improvement device that will improve the short game of any player, and is designed for a number of participants
in the golf community: the golfer, instructor, retail owner and training facility.

Through a number of lessons and ongoing drills, RoboPutt allows students to feel their perfect putting stroke. To
use RoboPutt, the golfer either connects their own putter to the machine, or uses the custom putter that is
attached. The student then selects which lesson to perform, and the robot takes them through the lesson’s
training exercise. “What makes RoboPutt unique, and what sets it apart from every other training aid on the
market, is that it moves the golfer, not vice versa,” said Joe Sery, RoboPutt’s inventor and managing partner. The
student holds onto the putter to feel the correct stroke motion through a series of programmed lessons. “Even if
the golfer takes his hands off the putter, RoboPutt will still move, and progress with the lesson,” said Sery. These
lessons and drills teach muscle memory, amongst other things, and will allow a student to get more comfortable
with their stroke and sink more putts on the course.

As an instructor’s aid, RoboPutt will work as an extension to any lesson program. By placing a student on the
robot, an instructor will allow his or her student to feel the correct swing motion of a series of putts. Short
lessons complement the instructor’s own program by allowing a teacher to work with their student on and off the
machine. This option creates flexibility within training programs for both student and teacher.

A RoboPutt kiosk can be obtained through a customized revenue-sharing program or rental agreement. Each
program carries little or no upfront cost to the operator. For an in-depth look at what RoboPutt has to offer, visit
booth #713 at the 2014 PGA Merchandising Show. RoboPutt is also available for your facility. Those interested in
obtaining a RoboPutt kiosk for their facility should contact

For more information, visit or contact Rosemarie Naputi at or at