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Is It Time for a New Putter?

Is It Time for a New Putter?

For anyone who has ever lost, broken, or forgotten their putter, you know what an ordeal it is to be without. Whether it was left behind in an unsuspecting sand pit, or the glue finally gave way after years of TLC and rubber band rigging, picking out a new putter is a personal and somewhat traumatic experience – especially if the decision was not made by choice. Other times, however, picking out a new putter is a cause for celebration, such trying out a new metal or design, or just celebrating a paycheck bonus.

But whatever events that lead up to the purchase of your new putter, it’s always better if it is a conscious pre-planned decision. (Emergency putter buying can lead to a bad or hurried fit.) So before you find yourself in a serious bind, it may be time to consider whether or not the choice should be made proactively.

First, stop and consider how old your putter is. If it’s been a while, photographic evidence may need to be consulted. How old is your joint relationship? A few years? Ten? More? If an exact date can’t even be pinned down, it may be time to move on. In fact, the very reason golfers hold onto their putters for so long (sentimental value or good luck charms) is often the same reason they should let go. And if the putter is truly that important, it can earn itself a shelf on an office or living room wall.

Next, consider what new models are out there. Are others lighter in weight? More accurately balanced? Whatever the suppliers have to offer, give their selection a glance. Whether or not you choose to buy is up to you, but it never hurts to see just how much better your putting skills can become – just by switching equipment.

Some golfers even opt for multiple putters – one that’s best on flat surfaces, one that works on slopes, one for sand greens (if applicable), etc. While this certainly isn’t the most frugal method by way of time or money (getting the best feel for all those different models can be time consuming), it is the easiest way to keeping on your star player.

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