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Garmin Montana 650T Review – The Best Handheld GPS on the Market Today

Garmin Montana 650T Review – The Best Handheld GPS on the Market Today

The latest handheld GPS to hit the market from Garmin is their leading-edge Montana which comes in three different flavors; the Montana 600, Montana 650, and Montana 650T.  Garmin of course are World leaders in GPS handhelds which are becoming more main stream as the outdoor activity of Geocaching has become more popular amongst families – and the Montana is up there as one of the best GPS for Geocaching on the market.

The Montana handheld GPS devices are all weather outdoor products and have been designed with the rugged outdoors in mind.  So whether you are cycling, exploring, walking, undertaking water-based adventures, or simply geocaching there will be a Garmin Montana to suit you.

Montana 650T – A Rugged Touch Screen GPS

Our review concentrates on the highest-end Montana model which is the Garmin Montana 650T which is almost military grade in its design and features.  It comes with a large 4 inch touch screen that doesn’t seem to suffer even when under direct sunlight – which has been a criticism of previous Garmin handheld GPS products.

The Montana Has a Long Life Lithium-Ion Battery and Waterproof

Not only will the Montana 650T last all day on its long-life battery, but it is also waterproof meaning even the most adventurous of users should find this handheld GPS perfect.  You could start your day driving using the in-built Garmin automotive GPS maps, take it kayaking, and then do some Geocaching and climbing – this GPS does it all.  You can purchase mounts separately meaning you can transfer it from a car to a bike to a boat with ease.

Garmin Montana 650T Receives GPS Signals Quickly

What really sets the Montana apart from the competition is how fast it will receive satellite signals – so if you’re in a tight spot you can rely on it to rescue you from even the most inaccessible of situations.

Geocaching Features of the Montana 650T

The Garmin Montana includes some Dedicated Geocaching tools which mean you can also share Geocaches wirelessly between devices – and of course it will integrate with Garmin’s recently launchedOpen Caching website.  You will be able to download Geocaches direct off the web and take photos as you walk using the in-built 5 mega-pixel camera.

Includes Points of Interest

If Geocaching isn’t your thing and you are in a strange and unfamiliar place then you can turn to the pre-installed Points of Interest (POI) files which include local pharmacies and golf courses – and additional content such as Garmin map updates can even be purchased separately.

Who Should Buy the Garmin Montana 650T GPS Handheld?

If you are active or even have ambitions to get out and explore the great outdoors then the Montana 650T will appeal to you.  What you need to appreciate though is that you aren’t just getting a handheld outdoor GPS – you are also getting a sat nav GPS to use in your car or truck as it really is a fully functional GPS to suit all scenarios.  The price point, whilst expensive, is fully justified given the huge versatility of this handheld.

Detailed Features and Specification of the Montana 650T


  • 2.9 inches wide, 5.7 inches high, 1.4 inches deep
  • Screen display 2 inches wide by 3.5 inches high
  • Display resolution 272 x 480 pixels
  • 65k color TFT with dual-orientation touch screen
  • Weights 10.2 ounces
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery includes (or takes 3 x AA batteries)
  • Waterproof handheld GPS
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver

Maps & Memory

  • Comes with Basemap
  • You can add new maps
  • Built-in memory of 3GB
  • microSD data card slot
  • 4,000 waypoints, favourites, and locations
  • 200 routes
  • Track log of 10,000 points, 200 saved tracks

Technical Features

  • Automatic routing
  • Electronic compass
  • Touchscreen GPS display
  • Barometric altimeter
  • 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and automatic Geo-tagging
  • Paperless Geocaching
  • Can load custom maps
  • Photo navigation to Geo-tagged photos

If you want to purchase and buy the Garmin Montana 650T handheld GPS then the best prices are currently being ranged on the Amazon website.

Author Credit: This overview of the Garmin Montana comes courtesy of the website.  Currently they have some voucher codes listed which let consumers get money off on Garmin map updates for their entire range of devices.  To find out more make sure you check this link.