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10 Great Gift Ideas For Golfers

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for Dad or just a golf nut, there are lots of great products from which to choose. There are so many great golf gifts available that it can be a bit overwhelming, especially for shoppers who are not golfers themselves. To help you pick out the perfect gift for the golf lover in your life, here are ten great gifts that every golfer will love.

1. Tees

A golfer can never have too many tees. These little wooden tees are very easy to break and lose, so golfers will always appreciate receiving them as a gift. To make them more special, get them printed with the golfer’s name on them.

2. Head Covers

If the golfer in your life doesn’t have a nice set of head covers for their woods, then you should give them some as a gift. They are made with all kinds of fun designs, including things like animals, team mascots and famous historical figures.

3. Golf Books

You don’t have to get golfers gifts that can be taken on the course. There are lots of great golf gifts that golfers can use to beautify their homes and offices. A coffee table book that features beautiful pictures of famous golf courses is always a great gift for golf lovers.

4. Golf Glove

A golf glove is a fairly inexpensive, yet thoughtful present to give golfers. Golf gloves wear out quickly for people who play a lot, so you know that the gift of a golf glove is one that will definitely be used at some point. Pick out a quality golf glove to help improve your favorite golfer’s game.

5. Laser Rangefinder

These devices very accurately measure shots, helping golfers to determine which club to use. Newer models come with GPS, which makes them even more accurate.

6. Golf Shirts

A golfer can never have too many golf shirts. Get your favorite golfer a classy polo shirt from Ralph Lauren, Lacoste or Nike Golf.

7. Club Cleaning Set

Part of golfing is getting your clubs dirty. Anyone who has played a round knows how crusted with dirt, grass and mud that a club can get. Get a golfer a quality cleaning set that he can use to quickly clean his clubs, prolonging their life and keeping them performing well.

8. Flashing Golf Balls

One of the most annoying moments on the golf course is realizing that there is not enough light left in the day to finish a round. You can eliminate this worry for your favorite golfer by giving him a pack of flashing golf balls. These balls flash a bright red tracer light for five minutes after they are hit, making them stand out brilliantly in low light conditions.

9. A New Set of Clubs

If you want to give the ultimate golf gift, purchase a custom-fitted set of golf clubs for the golf nut in your life. A custom set of clubs will instantly shave stokes off of a golfer’s score.

10. A Nice Box of Cigars

Cigars and golf go together like peanut butter and jelly. The leisurely pace of the game is perfect for the leisurely act of smoking a cigar. Get your favorite golfer a nice box of stogies that he can pass out among his friends during his next round.

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