Virtual Golfing: Fun or Hazard?

Posted on 17 October 2012   Articles, Golf History

Virtual Golfing: Fun or Hazard?

Video games of all specialties and themes are popping up across the virtual market. Kids are participating in educational games online, teens are breaking their way into war craft through game consuls, and adults are doing all of the above, and on a larger scale. But while the way these games are played never seems to remain constant, the sports played within them do. Despite having complete fiction on their side, gamers still love playing real sports (yes, including golf) through a virtual outlet. Even athletes in real life – no matter the level of expertise – still take up gaming to further their passion.

So what is it about virtual golf? Is it simply easier to excel? Is it the way computerized grass looks under a floating ball? Or maybe it’s just the idea of playing a sport long after the sun has set or snow has fallen. But whatever the reason, video gaming golf continues in its rise in popularity.

Those with serious skillsets, however, may actually want to avoid too much video golf. Why? Despite the two activities being almost nothing alike physically, virtual sports can actually affect how one performs in real life. Think about it, the sights are different, the movements are different (whether playing with a motion-detection game or one that requires a controller), and the rules are even different. While there may not be many instances when you’ll mistake a video game redo while on the actual course, bad habits are hard to break. Especially when they involve posture or muscle memory.

While this isn’t to say one should shy away from video games all together (at least those that feature one’s favorite sport), some guidelines should still be implemented. By sticking strictly to controllers, or by playing intermittently online, users can continue to enjoy the best of both worlds – without sacrificing one love for the other.

Keep this in mind when playing golf on and off the course to help keep your abilities in tiptop shape.

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