The Top Golf Courses Worth Traveling To Around The World

Posted on 23 August 2012   Articles, Featured Golf, Golf Course Reviews

The Top Golf Courses Worth Traveling To Around The World:

There are a number of great golf courses around the world, all of which offer something unique and different to the others. Playing golf abroad allows you to experience a new country in a new way – by really getting into some of its most dynamic scenery and enjoying some of its most beautiful weather. At the same time it’s a great way to unwind and to relax, and you might even get to play somewhere famous.

As such you may be considering going on a golf holiday, or perhaps just planning on involving golf in your next vacation – but the problem is knowing where to go. Here we will look at some of the best courses in the world that are worth visiting and maybe even worth planning your trip around…

Joondalup CC Quarry

This golf course takes us to Australia for one of the most exciting and different courses you will likely play on. It’s filled with natural beauty and its dramatic inland terrain makes for some exciting but fun golf. One of the most exciting and unique elements of it though is the ability to play your shots over, through and around an abandoned limestone quarry, which is very exciting and makes for some great pictures.  eFlyover Tour

St Andrews

Once again in Australia, this time of course in St Andrews, this is a recently opened golf course from designer Tom Doak which makes full use of the exciting landscape around it with large fairways and huge green complexes to play on. eFlyover Tour

Pebble Beach

Now to California for a golf course that is often thought of as being one of the most beautiful in the world taking you along a gorgeous coastline. It also uses the setting to add to the excitement of the game however, and some of the most picturesque and exciting shots take advantage of a peninsula jutting out to sea. If you only travel to a few golf courses this should be one of them. eFlyover Tour

Trump International Golf Links

Scotland is one of the homes of golf and also features beautiful mountain landscapes that provide not only stunning views but also excellent challenges (made more exciting when there’s some wind to contend with too). This one has been declared by Donald Trump to be the greatest course in the world, and who are we to argue?

Merlin Golf and Country Club

Set in Cornwall, England this golf course will once again provide you with stunning sea views, but also take you up some hills with fantastic 360 views over the rest of Cornwall which is a highly scenic and unique part of England.  eFlyover Tour

Sotogrande Golf Club

Located in Costa Del Sol, Spain this is a golf course that can promise you great weather and a chance to work on your tan. This is also home to an 18 hole championship course that is well known for being highly challenging, but hopefully the postcard-setting will be enough to prevent you from lobbing your club into the sea in frustration. eFlyover Tour

Augusta National Golf Course

This has won several awards as the best course in the US and it’s highly worth a trip to Augusta. The grounds are filled with rich and beautiful vegetation, and the challenging set up attracts some of the world’s most elite players. eFlyover Tour

The author of the above guest post, Michael Dan, is an avid sports blogger from Australia. He recommends buying golfing and golfbox equipment online from the official GolfBox site.

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