The Orange Whip Putting Wand

The Mad Scientist and the Magic Wand

The Orange Whip Putting Wand is Creating Magic on the Greens

In a sweltering warehouse off Hwy. 123 in Easley, SC a small company named Jimmy Hack Golf, LLC is developing some of the simplest, ingenious and most effective golf training aids on the market today. Known for the hot selling Orange Whip swing and fitness trainer used by more than 200 touring pros, Jimmy Hack Golf has now released the Orange Whip Putting Wand which delivers simple and intuitive putting training.

Just like the original Orange Whip the key philosophy behind the Wand is “keep it simple”. As Jimmy Hack Golf president, inventor, PGA member and part time mad scientist Jim Hackenberg (now you see where the company name came from) puts it,

“It simply trains better rhythm and better center contact. It synchronizes the arms and body and creates a more relaxed stroke.”

The design is based on three key components that when combined target, isolate and improve the most common flaws of the putting stroke. The first is the flexible shaft which wobbles during a jerky or “wristy” stroke but remains perfectly solid during a smooth stroke. Hackenberg believes this is one of the most important aspects of good putting. “It really forces you to take your hands out of the motion which is a common cause of the ‘yips’.”

The second component is the slightly rounded face which is basically a cross section of a two foot diameter sphere. Much like putting with the side of a beach ball this rounded putter face requires dead center contact to keep the ball on target. “This improves the roll of the ball because the energy of the putter is transferred point to point or ball to ball,” says Hackenberg. “Which eliminates the ball from bouncing when contact is perfect.”

The third piece of the puzzle is the counterbalance weighting. The counterbalance, a golf ball sized weight at the top of the shaft, raises the club’s balance point which acts to “quiet the hands” and improve accuracy. “Just like with the Orange Whip, the counter-balance in the Wand centers the club at the player’s core and helps ingrain proper release,” says Hackenberg. “Nicklaus and Hogan both counterweighted their clubs. They obviously realized the power of a raised balance point.”

Back in the steaming hot warehouse in Easley Jim Hackenberg is using the Wand on a synthetic putting green. His putting stroke is rhythmical and fluid and most of the balls travel the eight feet of plastic turf directly to the hole. But occasionally a ball starts off course and ends up six or more inches from the intended target. The mad scientist holds up the Wand and with a slight grin says, “It’s almost like playing pool, if you’re slightly off center the ball won’t find the pocket.”

About Jimmy Hack Golf:

With the battle cry, “Making Golfers Better”, Jimmy Hack Golf, LLC has developed a line of simple, intuitive and effective golf training aids. Products include the Orange Whip Swing Trainer, a fitness and swing tool that uses a flexible shaft and counterweighted design to improve tempo, flexibility and core strength. The Orange Peel balance platform centers a player’s core and trains proper weight transfer and can simulate uneven golf course lies. The newest product, the Orange Whip Putting Wand, takes the original Orange Whip design and refines it for putting. With a flexible shaft, counterbalance weighting system and rounded face the Putting Wand trains momentum, timing, center contact and forces a user to remove their hands and wrists from the putting stroke.

Jimmy Hack Golf

Jim Hackenberg:


The Orange Whip Putting Wand:
• Trains putting rhythm and tempo
• Spherical face exaggerates ‘off-center’ hits
• Battles the yips and deceleration
• Improves distance and direction control
• Develops ‘center contact’ for a truer roll
• Synchronizes arms and body in the putting stroke


The Putting Wand comes in two different sizes, 33″ and 35″.

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