SweetSpot, Confessions of a Golfaholic Hilarious and Compelling Book About a Golf Obsession

I loved this book and I hope it becomes a film asap.” Bobby Rusher, bestselling authorimage001

Westport, CT (June 18, 2013)—If you are crazy about golf or in a relationship with someone who is, the must-read book of the year is John O’Hern’s laugh-out-loud tale of an obsessed golfer in his comically written, SweetSpot, Confessions of a Golfaholic.

It’s golfer versus golf widow in this fast-paced story of the lead character, Tom, whose obsession for the game and his quest for the perfect swing, takes the reader on a rollicking ride of forbidden fairways, stolen rounds, secret golf lessons, foursome liaisons and ultimately a full-blown addiction that pushes Tom’s life and marriage out of bounds. With the voice and specter of Ben Hogan egging him on as Tom begins his descent into his golf obsession, we recognize just how captivating and elusive, yet compelling, the game can be.

Bobby Rusher, bestselling author of the popular books, How to Line Up Your Fourth Putt and When to Regrip Your Ball Retriever, is effusive in his review of this first-time novel. “Getting someone to laugh out loud is a difficult task, and success in this endeavor is extremely rare, but I laughed out loud many, many times reading this very well-written account of the addictive power of golf,” Rusher praises. “The compelling story is remarkably well-organized; and it moves with almost perfect timing through the stages of main character Tom’s addiction. I loved this book, and, like a good joke—and a good golf swing—the timing is flawless. I do hope that the book becomes a film ASAP.”

From the four-time married golf pro, Marty, who entraps Tom with endless lessons and praise for his star-student’s potential tour-caliber talents, to his mainstay foursome of collaborative and compulsive companions, to his long-suffering wife Carol, the characters resonate as all too familiar types. This is the book for any golfer and a bible for every golf widow. And like a round of golf, it’s hard to quit until the last putt is holed.

SweetSpot, Confessions of a Golfaholic is available in paperback or as an e-edition on www.Amazon.com or through www.SweetSpotTheBook.com. Wholesale orders also may be placed by contacting info@SweetSpotTheBook.com.

About John O’Hern

John spent a decade as an actor in New York City and his career included off-Broadway roles, television commercials and even a cover appearance on TIME Magazine. His one-man off-Broadway show, A Rooster in the Henhouse, was critically acclaimed. John wrote the memoir on which the play was based. He initially wrote SweetSpot, The Confessions of a Golfaholic

as a two-person play that was performed before sold-out audiences in Connecticut. The novel subsequently evolved from the play.

John is an avid (though not addicted) golfer. When he’s not writing, he’s teaching golf at a local course and gleaning stories and ideas from the members for his next book. John, his wife Lisa and two children reside in Westport, Connecticut.

Note:Theaccomplished actor and golf raconteur has created a riveting monologue based on the book and John is available for country club parties, tournament entertainment, pro-ams or other group gatherings. His razor wit, engaging style and side-splitting delivery of golf humor can be customized for a compact performance to suit any occasion.


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