Short-term stays: a home away from home

Posted on 19 October 2012   Articles, Lodging Choices, Travel

Short-term stays: a home away from home

In one of Hollywood’s most classic movies of all time, Dorothy, the central character, taps the heels of her ruby-red shoes together and repeats, “There’s no place like home.”

Nowadays, millions of tourists, business folk, families and tourists worldwide are taking up this mantra with a vengeance – but with a completely modern twist. As more and more people head for local and international destinations, they are demanding the comforts and conveniences of ‘a home away from home’.

Travel and tourism is booming. Global crisis, what global crisis? Interestingly though, worldwide trends show that while we’re taking more trips, we’re staying for shorter times.

This may explain why short-term accommodation and rental options have become so popular – thanks largely also to websites such as and In Australia, there are a range of local equivalents.

So the niche is just booming. Why? Because whatever your taste or budget, or whether you’re flying solo, with your partner or the kids in tow, there’s a short-term place out there for you.

Believe it or not, anyone in the world with free space can rent it to you (even a converted garage counts).

Search the web and the options are literally endless. Enough to make your head spin, your heart flutter and your fingers reach for your credit card. Fancy exploring Melbourne from an ultra-chic condo in the city’s heart? How about some solitude in a rustic cottage? Want to enjoy romantic harbour views of Sydney with your loved one?  Why not book a comfy family home for a week or two? Or rent a room short-term with a local family? How about a stylish luxury apartment?

From posh and plush to gritty and grungy, people all over the world are taking up the fantastic and ever-growing range of holiday and short-stay rental choices on offer. There are a number of benefits.

One, it’s softer on the hip pocket as it’s usually cheaper than staying in hotels. The longer you stay, the more attractive the rates can be.

Two, you have flexibility. You choose whether you stay for a night, a week, a month – or longer. So take your slippers off, put your feet up and get comfortable. Yes, you can unpack now.

Three, you can find short-term accommodation that’s truly unique, something with a ‘wow’ factor that’ll get your friends and family excited – and utterly jealous (your Facebook photos will be elevated to new heights).

Four, you can be independent. Some people can’t do more than grunt before their first coffee in the morning, but in a self-contained short-term apartment or house, they can enjoy breakfast – or brunch – in the comfort and privacy of their ‘home’. No having to greet strangers in the morning.

Five, Pick from a number of added extras. For example, have your own kitchen. Get a serviced apartment and forget about housework for awhile. Opt for many rooms and oodles of space. Enjoy a dazzling range of mod cons. Revel in the individual ambience of the space you’ve chosen. Pamper yourself with a touch of five-star luxury but without the price tag.

So the next time you hop on a plane, train or automobile for business or pleasure, remember that you don’t need miss home. Because you’ve got something just as fabulous: a home away from home anywhere you like. Just the way you like it.

Jessica Spencer is a niche blogger, currently working for Web car hire.

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