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Posted on 29 Jan 2014

The Science Behind The Perfect Golf...

In the game of golf, so many factors are outside of your control, yet you can still control the outcome of the game. Whether it’s a tough course, the weather is not ideal, or you are not playing with your regular clubs; one thing remains that you can control and could lead to a win. Your golf swing is... Read More »
Posted on 07 Nov 2013

Must-See Public Brazilian Golf Courses

Golf aficionados will travel around the world to play their favorite game in new, sometimes exotci, locations. At first it may seem unusual, but it makes sense because of the nature of the game. Each golf course is designed according to its location. For example, a golf course in California isn’t going to be identical to a golf course... Read More »
Posted on 25 Oct 2013

Golf Grass: Can It Affect Your Golf...

Grass is the foundation of a golf course, so it’s no wonder that the type of grass used on a golf course affects how well you perform. The grass on a golf course affects ball speed and direction of travel. To master the game of golf, it’s important to be familiar with the foundation of the golf course that... Read More »
Posted on 30 May 2013

Golf By Design James Wilcher Reveals...

The fourth dimension concept describes our holistic approach to Golf course design. The Fourth Dimension Concept applied to Golf Course Design It emphasizes the aesthetic and strategic importance of the selection and placement of each aspect of the golf course landscape, be it the texture and colour of the grasses, the depth and style of the bunkers or the... Read More »
Posted on 27 Feb 2013

All You Need to Know About Learning

All You Need to Know About Learning Golf Golf has always been regarded as a game of the elites. Such are its complicacies that one needs to spend days behind learning the sport. This is, according to many, the main reason behind the fact that players make crores from a single tournament. However, as far as enjoying a match... Read More »
Posted on 31 Jan 2013

Let Me Introduce You to Fred Gutierrez

Let Me Introduce You to Fred Gutierrez Fred Gutierrez is a unique individual. He enjoys everyday and almost always has a smile on his face. That alone would be enough to make him unique, but that is only a small portion of what makes Fred inspirational. Sixteen years ago he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”,... Read More »
Posted on 20 Sep 2012

Men’s Golf Clothing Trends Through...

Men’s Golf Clothing Trends Through the Years Unlike most sports, where uniforms define you as a member of a team, golf is one that allows for a great deal of individuality. Whether players are dressing up in stylized gear, sporting an embroidered nickname, or just layering on the argyle, golfers seem to have taken on a style of their... Read More »
Posted on 19 Sep 2012

Is It Time for a New Putter?

Is It Time for a New Putter? For anyone who has ever lost, broken, or forgotten their putter, you know what an ordeal it is to be without. Whether it was left behind in an unsuspecting sand pit, or the glue finally gave way after years of TLC and rubber band rigging, picking out a new putter is a... Read More »
Posted on 18 Sep 2012

Play It Forward, Gents: 10 Reasons to...

Play It Forward, Gents: 10 Reasons to Move Up To a Closer Tee Box Are you a guy that simply has to play from the tips or else your ego begins to shrink and shrivel like a salt saturated slug? This despite the fact that your drives are just as likely to be 150 yard shanks as they are... Read More »
Posted on 14 Sep 2012

Garmin Montana 650T Review – The...

Garmin Montana 650T Review – The Best Handheld GPS on the Market Today The latest handheld GPS to hit the market from Garmin is their leading-edge Montana which comes in three different flavors; the Montana 600, Montana 650, and Montana 650T.  Garmin of course are World leaders in GPS handhelds which are becoming more main stream as the outdoor... Read More »
Posted on 08 Sep 2012

What Causes Golf Back Pain?

What Causes Golf Back Pain? Why it that golf back pain is such a common complaint in golf and amongst golf players on any course? Does golf back pain have something to do with the game or do most players bring back pains acquired elsewhere into the game? While it is true that there are golfers who started having... Read More »
Posted on 07 Sep 2012

Three Golf Tips For Balance During Your...

Three Golf Tips For Balance During Your Golf Swing Golf tips for balance. Balance is very essential in executing the right golf swing and in this article I point out three reasons why you may be having difficulties achieving the required balance and I also give three golf tips for balance to correct the situation. A) Poor setup A... Read More »
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