Posted on 11 Nov 2013

11 Gift Ideas For The Female Golfer...

Looking for a unique women’s gift for the golfer on your list that has it all? What to get her when another set of clubs, tees or balls just will not do. This holiday season, consder a fun outdoor gift. Coin hunting with a metal detector is a growing hobby that offers fun, exercise, a new hobby that can be... Read More »
Posted on 07 Nov 2013

Must-See Public Brazilian Golf Courses

Golf aficionados will travel around the world to play their favorite game in new, sometimes exotci, locations. At first it may seem unusual, but it makes sense because of the nature of the game. Each golf course is designed according to its location. For example, a golf course in California isn’t going to be identical to a golf course... Read More »
Posted on 06 Nov 2013

Announcing The Hilton Head Island Golf...

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, GA (November 6, 2013) – The inaugural Hilton Head Island Golf & Tennis Festival will make its debut February 27 – March 2, 2014. The Festival will take place at a variety of golf and tennis venues throughout the Island, including The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa, Port Royal Golf & Racquet Club and... Read More »
Posted on 31 Oct 2013

Golf Injury Prevention

Most people don’t consider golf a high-intensity sport. It’s not everyday that you hear about a golfer getting injured. However, many injuries can be caused by playing golf, including injuries to the ankle, knee, elbow, spine, hip, and wrist. Golf injuries may not be the most common, but when they do happen,  they can be very painful and if... Read More »
Posted on 25 Oct 2013

Golf Grass: Can It Affect Your Golf...

Grass is the foundation of a golf course, so it’s no wonder that the type of grass used on a golf course affects how well you perform. The grass on a golf course affects ball speed and direction of travel. To master the game of golf, it’s important to be familiar with the foundation of the golf course that... Read More »
Posted on 14 Oct 2013

Top Winter Golf Courses

With the temperatures starting to cool off, it is time to start thinking about some winter golfing getaways. When the cold winds are howling in the depths of winter, there is nothing finer than heading down south to enjoy some of the best golfing in the world. Here is a look at some of the best winter golfing destinations... Read More »
Posted on 07 Oct 2013

Why You Have the Yips and What You Can...

The missed short putt. We’ve all done it and it hurts, especially when it matters. Most of us get over it but some can’t. Why? Because it happens all the time. And it happens when your putting stroke is replaced by a spastic twitch-a twitch that is impossible to duplicate under normal circumstances. The yips—along with the shanks—are golf’s... Read More »
Posted on 27 Sep 2013

2 Most Epic Meltdowns In Golf History

There is something truly special about an athlete who can rise above the field to claim victory. However, not every day goes according to plan and sometimes you may end up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Even some of the greatest golfers in history have had their moments when victory looked inevitable, yet they choked. A meltdown... Read More »
Posted on 24 Sep 2013

How To Organize A Great Golf Holiday...

Organizing a golf holiday with your friends can be very entertaining, whether you are semi-pro golfers or just learning the sport. It’s really not so much about your golfing ability, but more about simply getting together with your friends and having fun. So, today we are going to be exploring some great tips for you to organize a great... Read More »
Posted on 13 Aug 2013

Second annual Chase After a Cure Golf...

Chase After a Cure Hosts Multiple Events for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – Cancer is the No. 1 cause of disease-related death among children. About 13,400 children between birth and age 19 are diagnosed with cancer each year. Just at the Medical University of South Carolina, about 60 children are diagnosed annually. And yet childhood cancer doesn’t... Read More »
Posted on 06 Aug 2013

Improve Your Putting The Easy Way

The Numbers Don’t Lie The Putter: Golf’s Secret Weapon It’s the money shot. Pros around the world know this which is why they spend an inordinate amount of time on the putting green. Hank Haney could spend the week on the driving range with any average, even low-handicap, golfer working on nothing but improving drives and by the end... Read More »
Posted on 05 Aug 2013

The Orange Whip Putting Wand

The Mad Scientist and the Magic Wand The Orange Whip Putting Wand is Creating Magic on the Greens In a sweltering warehouse off Hwy. 123 in Easley, SC a small company named Jimmy Hack Golf, LLC is developing some of the simplest, ingenious and most effective golf training aids on the market today. Known for the hot selling Orange... Read More »
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