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Posted on 09 May 2011

Become a Golf Putting Machine

Learn the Secrets to Become a Golf Putting Machine and the Envy of Your Golfing Partners What is your target? Virtually all golfers I talk to at the amateur level say that their target is the hole when they are putting. Many also admit that they are very often more concerned about not three putting as opposed to holing... Read More »
Posted on 09 May 2011

Practice Golf Swing

Why make a practice Golf swing? In previous articles we have talked about the importance of picking precise targets in fairways and greens which focus your mind and you want to make internal imaging of the shot, ball flight, roll to your exact target. By doing this you have sent very specific and detailed information to your unconscious mind... Read More »
Posted on 26 Mar 2011

Four Rules to Decide Whether to Chip or...

Four Rules to Decide Whether to Chip or Pitch By Bob E. Jones If your ball is 75 yards away from the green, you would think to pitch the ball onto the green and you would be right. If the ball were only two yards off the green, you would chip it on. But what do you do when... Read More »
Posted on 25 Mar 2011

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

Find the Sweet Spot Every Time With the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver By Christian Hunt The Medicus dual hinge driver is the number one golf swing training device on the market. Its success comes from a simple but effective dual hinge that is the answer to eliminating your nasty slice. Can this simple little hinge be the answer, have... Read More »
Posted on 02 Mar 2011

How to Fix a Golf Slice With a Driver

If you are like many pros and beginners, you might be struggling with a slicing problem so here are some tips on how to fix a golf slice with a driver. Tip 1: Addressing the ball Hitting the ball properly has everything to do with addressing the ball to make sure it goes where you want it to. The... Read More »
Posted on 02 Mar 2011

Golf’s Fundamental Skill Is the...

Golf’s fundamental skill is to strike the ball purely. That means hitting the ball on the center of the clubface, whether it’s with your driver, irons, wedges, or putter. When you hit the ball purely, you get the distance you expected, the ball goes where you expected. Learning to do this consistently is what will make you a good... Read More »
Posted on 07 Feb 2011

New Golf Instruction Show

Online golf instruction show on the web. Interact and learn more about your game, Live. There’s a new golf instruction show on the web. Par Breakers Golf Academy Live premiered March 13th 2011 on Hosted by Bernard Sheridan, founder and director of golf instruction for Par Breakers Golf Academy located in oaks PA. The show is one of... Read More »
Posted on 27 Oct 2010

Women’s Golf For Us Beginners

By Tammy O’Brien Everyone was a beginning golfer at some time in their life. It is just that some folks hold on to that name a little longer than others. Beginning golf for ladies is not to be taken lightly. It is a difficult game to really understand, but at the same time, if you can’t slow down and... Read More »
Posted on 26 Oct 2010

Golf Instruction Tips For Driving

Golf Instruction Tips For Driving By Elizabeth Morgan Golf instructions and tips have hit an all-time high in recent times in the form of manuals, videos and DVDs. That gives golf enthusiasts and players an opportunity to improve their game. Among the most frequently asked questions, driving seems to be on top of the list in most cases. A... Read More »
Posted on 26 Oct 2010

5 Key Things You Need to Know to Play...

5 Key Things You Need to Know to Play Good Golf By Michael M Lewis Follow these simple golf instructions to ensure you play good golf. It is not enough to know how to hit a golf ball. You need to understand the various aspects of the game. To find out what you must know before you hit the... Read More »
Posted on 26 Oct 2010

How to Find the Best Junior Golf...

How to Find the Best Junior Golf Instruction By Lee Cole Finding the best junior golf instruction is sometimes easier said than done. What sometimes tends to happen is the instructor’s goals and the child’s and parents’ goals conflict. You might just want your kid to learn to play golf just for the love of the game. Your instructor... Read More »
Posted on 14 Oct 2010

Tips on How to Break 80

Tips on How to Break 80 By Werner Loots Keep things simple When I play great golf, it is largely because I keep things really simple during my round. I do not focus on any technical aspect of my swing, but only think of one or two swing thoughts before hitting a shot. I may tell myself to ‘grip... Read More »
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