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Posted on 14 Jun 2011

Cobra Golf Products

Cobra golf products include different products like clubs, drivers, putters, etc. In the golfing community Cobra is immensely popular compared to other golf brands. As you know, it does its delivery all over the world due to its capacity to combine innovation with superior quality. It is also known for its highly satisfactory customer service. For example, if you... Read More »
Posted on 01 Apr 2011

Callaway Golf Clubs The World’s...

Callaway Golf Clubs  The World’s Best Golf Equipment By Allan G Smith  Right from the beginning, Callaway clubs were innovative. After Ely Callaway bought Hickory Sticks, he began implementing changes above and beyond the hickory-shafted, steel core club shafts. His success in the textile industry gave him the capital for research and development. While Callaway manufactures a full-range... Read More »
Posted on 25 Mar 2011

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

Find the Sweet Spot Every Time With the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver By Christian Hunt The Medicus dual hinge driver is the number one golf swing training device on the market. Its success comes from a simple but effective dual hinge that is the answer to eliminating your nasty slice. Can this simple little hinge be the answer, have... Read More »
Posted on 05 Nov 2010

2010 List – 5 Of The Best Golf...

If you are a professional golfer, you should know by heart that golf drivers are indispensable equipment of your life spent on the golf course. If you are a beginner and you even don't know what a golf driver looks like, then just look for the club with the biggest head and the longest in length - that is... Read More »
Posted on 26 Oct 2010

Golf Travel Bags – What You Must...

Golf bags come in a wide range of prices and styles - custom design bags to those that come from small-town discount stores or a rummage sale on the corner. However, golf travel bags are not nearly as flexible, with quality and reliable bags necessary for traveling professional golfers who need them to complete their circuits. To purchase the best... Read More »
Posted on 22 Oct 2010

Nike SQ MachSpeed STR8-FIT Driver

The Nike SQ MachSpeed STR8-FIT Driver is all about aerodynamics and adjustable angles. The first thing you ll notice is the unique head design on the SQ MachSpeed. While the square shape repositions weight for distance and forgiveness, most everything else you see here is for improved aerodynamics and swing speed. Read More »
Posted on 17 Oct 2010

Choose the Club Shaft That Best Suits...

Choose the Club Shaft That Best Suits Swing By Carl Spackler II Most golfers buy their clubs right off the shelf. Most are never fitted by a pro. That’s probably OK for the average golfer because none of us are threatening to turn professional any time soon. But to get the most out of your swing and game, getting... Read More »
Posted on 17 Oct 2010

Crocs Ace Golf Shoe Review

Crocs Ace Golf Shoe Review By Carl Spackler II I’ve tried Foot Joys (Green Joys, Dry Joys, Athletic Joys, Sandals, etc), Bite, Dexter, Nike, Tommy Bahama, Calaway, Adidas, Rockport, Oakley and Etonic golf shoes. I’ve tried metal spikes, plastic spikes and spikeless. For the most part, the athletic ones seem to have been the most comfortable. But the Bites... Read More »
Posted on 15 Oct 2010

SkyCaddie SG5 Review

SkyCaddie SG5 Review – The Latest Golf GPS Device From SkyGolf By Christian Rogers Attention: NEW GADGET ALERT!!!! The new SkyCaddie SG5 Pro is now available from SkyGolf, so before I went out and threw down my hard earned cash, I borrowed one from a friend and this is my short Skycaddie SG5 review. The latest unit from Skygolf... Read More »
Posted on 14 Oct 2010

The Best Golf Gloves

The Best Golf Gloves by Carl Liver Golf gloves are an essential piece of golf clothing. A golf glove is generally worn on your leading hand, which means the hand on top of the club. A glove provides grip to keep the club from slipping out of your hand. It also increases your control of the club because of... Read More »
Posted on 13 Oct 2010

Adams Idea Tech V3 All-Hybrid Set

ADAMS Idea Tech V3 all Hybrid Set 4-PW, GW with Graphite Shafts Adams Idea Tech V3 All-Hybrid Set The Adams Idea Tech V3 All-Hybrid Set is the easiest-to-hit iron set in golf. Sporting a dramatic NiCr/PVD black finish, this ultra-premium set establishes a new standard in the super game-improvement category with the latest technology and sleek new design features.... Read More »
Posted on 11 Oct 2010

TaylorMade R9 Driver

TAYLORMADE R9 460 Driver TAYLORMADE R9 460 Driver TaylorMade R9 460 Driver This R9 460 Driver features TaylorMade s Flight Control Technology (FCT), which lets you change the face angle, loft and lie. This means total adjustability to promote up to 40 yards of side-to-side trajectory change. In addition, this classically shaped 460cc driver also features Inverted Cone Technology... Read More »
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