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Posted on 30 Apr 2013

Golf Warm Ups

Golf Warm Ups Golf is a deceptively active sport, though it might look easy, laid back and relaxed, you actually use your entire body. Without warming up you could damage your back, your hips, and your arms- so the message is that you should always warm up before you start playing. Not only will this reduce the risk of injury... Read More »
Posted on 08 Sep 2012

What Causes Golf Back Pain?

What Causes Golf Back Pain? Why it that golf back pain is such a common complaint in golf and amongst golf players on any course? Does golf back pain have something to do with the game or do most players bring back pains acquired elsewhere into the game? While it is true that there are golfers who started having... Read More »
Posted on 07 Sep 2012

Three Golf Tips For Balance During Your...

Three Golf Tips For Balance During Your Golf Swing Golf tips for balance. Balance is very essential in executing the right golf swing and in this article I point out three reasons why you may be having difficulties achieving the required balance and I also give three golf tips for balance to correct the situation. A) Poor setup A... Read More »
Posted on 06 Sep 2012

Increase Golf Flexibility for Greater...

Increase Golf Flexibility for Greater Power Flexibility is defined as the available range of motion about a specific joint. The range of motion can be limited by many factors. Some of these factors are nervous system control, muscle constraints, joint constraints, or skin and subcutaneous tissue. Flexibility is considered by many to be one of the most important factors... Read More »
Posted on 05 Sep 2012

How Do The Golf Pros Train?

How Do The Golf Pros Train? Before any golfer, pro or otherwise, picks up a club, they look at the capability of their body versus the requirements of the swing. What exactly does this mean? Most of us are aware that golf requires rotation at the hip joints, shoulder joints and spine. So, what if a golfer has a... Read More »
Posted on 04 Sep 2012

Golf Swing Trainer – What Is It?

Golf Swing Trainer – What Is It? Golf swing trainer is a term you might think of for a training aid that works on your golf swing. I’ve come up with a new definition for a golf swing trainer. It happens to be what I do for a living. I won’t take up this whole article talking about myself,... Read More »
Posted on 03 Sep 2012

5 Important Physical Fitness Components...

5 Important Physical Fitness Components for Golf Many people today are still uncertain about whether golfers need to strictly adhere to their physical fitness regimen.  However, if they only know some of the secrets of Tiger Woods’ success then they will realize the importance of physical fitness.  Tiger Woods ability to focus and achieve his optimal performance has been... Read More »
Posted on 17 Aug 2011

Golf Stretching For A Better Swing

Golf Stretching For A Better Swing If you’re a golfer over 50, you need to read this article. I want to ingrain this statement in your brain. “Golf stretching for a better swing”. Now repeat that a couple of times, and let it sink in. I’ll make a bold statement that nearly all the golfers that are 50 years... Read More »
Posted on 17 Aug 2011

Muscle Memory And The Golf Swing

How to Be Aware of Your Muscles and Use Them for a Golf Swing To play the game of golf, muscle awareness is very important. While building or rebuilding your swing, it is important to take note of each golf muscle involved in play and how it acts during a good swing. Muscle memory happens automatically whether you are... Read More »
Posted on 26 Oct 2010

Improve Your Play With the Right Golf...

Improve Your Play With the Right Golf Exercises By Jameson Meer Talent has very little to do with being the best golfer in your club. Becoming a champion golfer all boils down to practice and determination. Of course, routine golf exercises ensure that you are in perfect physical shape to perform your swings, add power to your shots, and... Read More »
Posted on 25 Oct 2010

Golf Fitness Tips – Use These...

Golf Fitness Tips – Use These Tips to Become a Great Golfer By Mark J. Starks It’s important that you work on your fitness if you want to play golf better. Especially if you really want to become a great golfer. You’re probably not sure which fitness exercise should you be doing. So, what I’m going to do is... Read More »
Posted on 25 Oct 2010

Keep Your Golf Fitness Above Par

Keep Your Golf Fitness Above Par By Robin Boddy Golf fitness enables a golfer to approach the game with verve and vigor, emerging from the high levels of energy that golf fitness imparts. It also steels the player against suffering injuries, builds up his stamina, and helps him maintain a consistent performance game after game. Golf fitness focuses on... Read More »
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