How To Organize A Great Golf Holiday With Your Friends

Organizing a golf holiday with your friends can be very entertaining, whether you are semi-pro golfers or just learning the sport. It’s really not so much about your golfing ability, but more about simply getting together with your friends and having fun.

So, today we are going to be exploring some great tips for you to organize a great golf holiday, whether you want to stay in the UK or fly abroad.

Why Golf?

Golf happens to be very sociable, hence, why it is perfect for group holidays and party themes, in order to escape the hectic stresses of life or just to let off some steam. It requires a certain level of concentration that forces you to forget about the terrible day you had yesterday or the fact that you have a pile of bills at home – even if only for just a few minutes.

Keep in Mind the Skills of Your Friends

I’ll admit, it’s not always simple to plan a golf holiday for a large group of people, especially when not all your friends know the dos and don’ts of golf. Chances are that not all your friends will even be interested in actually playing; some may just want to watch, while others may want to keep score. It does not have to be a technical game to be fun. You can even consider some fun ways in which you can teach your other friends, who have never held a golf club before, how to actually play.  All in all, it should be a great experience.

Where Can You Go in the UK?

Within the UK, the cities are simply perfect for a golf holiday with your friends. Regardless of the specific event or what you have to celebrate, you are guaranteed to find a great golf course in the city that’s near a few bars, nightclubs and restaurants. This way, you can golf in the day and enjoy the thrills of nightlife after the sun goes down.  This is also perfect if you have friends that are not all that into golf, but have decided to tag along so they can spend time with the gang. While you enjoy your golf game, they can hang out at a nearby location; definitely a win – win situation if you ask me.

A popular location in Newcastle is Eclipse Leisure. It’s perfect for golf enthusiasts, as it is packed in an area of exciting nightlife activities and miles upon miles of luscious green golf courses, including, but definitely not limited to, the famous Merewether Golf Course.

A Great Way to Remember Your Trip

It would be a fun gesture to provide an award for the best golfer on your holiday. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just a small token to show your appreciation of your friends’ talents in golf and, of course, a few bragging rights. You can browse online for the best bargains in awards, trophies and even small tokens to give your golf holiday an extra edge. Believe me, it’s going to be great and you’ll have loads of fun.

John Denman has been going on annual golf tours for the last 15 years. He always purchases medals and trophies from, and is the proud owner of the ‘shot of the tour’ prize from last year.

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