New or Used Golf Balls—Does it Really Matter?

Posted on 19 November 2012   Articles, Golf Equipment

New or Used Golf Balls—Does it Really Matter?

I get asked this question often, mainly by novice players who lose a lot of golf balls. These players want to get better, but also would rather not spent the extra cash on brand new golf balls, especially knowing where those balls and that money will eventually end up (yep its true they are likely going to fly into the water.)

It’s a fairly simple question that you would think, requires a rather simple answer, but the fact is, it really depends on the player and the condition of the ball.

The real question to ask is: Which is the most cost effective ball that will fit my game?

There’s no question that new balls are great. I mean, who doesn’t love new anything? They’re all shiny. They come in a brand new box. Sounds like the way to go, but when you look at that price tag, you may think twice. You’ve probably heard pros say that new balls perform better, but they get theirs for free. You are the one that has to pay those prices, so are they worth your hard earned money?

Some golfers swear by new balls, but good players can play any ball. For some, it may be worth the extra money to get that joyous, Christmassy feeling of opening the box and marking their brand new ball, but the reality is, for most of us, used golf balls will perform just as well and for a fraction of the price. And if you are like me, (not a golf pro) then you probably want to avoid unnecessary expenses on golf balls.

These used golf balls will fly like new and cost you half the price.

As long as you are playing a ball that’s not covered in scuff marks or has chunks missing, much like the one above, then it should roll how it’s supposed to and now, more than ever, you can find quality used golf balls that stand up to the competition of their newer counterparts. The process of recycling balls continues to become more refined, creating better looking and feeling finished products that perform on par with those shiny ones that just came off the manufacturing floor.

So why not try these cheaper golf balls out?

Recycled golf ball manufacturers and retailers are also making it easier on golfers by using grading systems to rate the condition of products. A ball in mint condition could basically be considered brand new and should play like it too, whereas a practice grade ball might only be good for the range. What’s great for you, the golfer and the consumer, is that you get to choose what grade of ball best suits your game and your skill level, giving you the best cost effective ball money can buy.

New is always ideal, but recycled balls will help you save money without sacrificing quality. Replacing your Lost Golf Balls has never been easier or more inexpensive, so do yourself a favor and buy recycled. Just think of all the other golf-related items you’ll be able to buy with all the money you’ve saved.

Steve Walsh is an avid golf fan and the owner of Lost Golf Balls in Australia. All the latest news can be followed via the Lost Golf Balls Twitter account and their Facebook page.

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