Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

Find the Sweet Spot Every Time With the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

By Christian Hunt

The Medicus dual hinge driver is the number one golf swing training device on the market. Its success comes from a simple but effective dual hinge that is the answer to eliminating your nasty slice. Can this simple little hinge be the answer, have the golfing magazines been lying to you about your slice?

The key to curing your slice and adding power is to control your driver; from addressing the ball, to the top of your swing and down into the follow through. If that wasnt hard enough you also need to control the club shaft, head and face. So simple, we can all hit the ball long and straight. Yeah right. The secret to the perfect swing comes from your Medicus dual hinge driver.

The Best Selling Golf Training Aid Ever, The Medic

Good alignment and swing plane are drilled into us every month by the golfing magazines. Sounds simple until you try to rip your driver at over 100 miles an hour. If you come into the impact zone and either of your arms are not in the sweet spot the rest of your body will be out of alignment at impact. I challenge you to find another golf swing training device that will have in the sweet spot on every swing.

Dont think that the 3 ball drill with good target alignment will fix your slice, the ‘fix’ comes from your hands. You’re holding the driver with your hands so you must train your hands and arms to go where you want them and to keep them on the correct swing plane. With the Medicus dual hinge driver, you know exactly what your hands are doing throughout your entire swing.

Don’t worry about playing position golf, you can still slice the ball if you are in the right positions. Focus instead on having your hands get your arms in line with the shaft. For example, on the downswing your right arm needs to be in line with the club shaft, not above it and not below it. When your hands get out of line they will take the rest of your swing with it. But not if you practice with your Medicus dual hinge.

Make a mistake with your hands and the Medicus will break, whether it’s on your takeaway or in the impact zone it will break. This club will get you and your hands in the sweet spot for every swing. This is the only way to cure your slice.

It can take you months of practice and lessons to cure your slice but with the Medicus driver you begin to fix it in less than 20 minutes. Get rid of your nasty slice, start playing from the fairways and stop wasting money on rubbish golf swing training devices. Get a Medicus dual hinge driver and experience a real swing.

When you have finished practicing with the Medicus dual hinge driver you will split the fairways, out drive your competitors and lower your scores. To find out how to radically improve your game head over to now.

Find the Sweet Spot Every Time With the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver


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