Learn The Right Golf Putting Stance

Posted on 08 October 2010   Articles, Golf Instruction

Learn The Right Golf Putting Stance

by Jack D. A. Brown

The most important thing about your golf putting stance is that it is comfortable. It should also give you a solid and stable platform from which to work from, and should be one that will help to keep your body still during the putting stroke, especially from the waist and below.

Your putting stance should also give you enough room so that you can swing your arms freely to enable your putting stroke is unhindered throughout the course of the backswing and through swing.

Steps to acquiring a solid golf putting stance:

Step 1 – position your feet so that they are about shoulder width apart, this will help with your balance and make sure that you are stabilised so that there is little or preferably no body movement.

Step 2 – flex the knees slightly as this will also help with your balance, if they are rigid you will just end up toppling over when you address the ball and too much will create an uncomfortable putting stance.

Step 3 – tilt your body forward from the waist, at roughly a 45% angle, this will ensure that your eye line is directly over the ball.

Step 4 – adjust your weight so that it feels like it is on the balls of your feet and slightly favouring the left side of your body, again this helps with balance and also encourages the body movement to be limited.

Step 5 – finally make sure that your body is aligned correctly, your shoulders, hips, knees and feet should all be exactly parallel to the target line. This will ensure that you are properly square to the ball and will give you the best chance of producing a smooth online putting stroke.

Jack D. A. Brown

Jack Brown is passionate about helping people to improve their Golf Putting Performance and all other areas of their golf game. Please take advantage of his website that offers FREE online golf putting instruction, tips and advice to help you develop a consistent and reliable Golf Putting Setup.

Learn The Right Golf Putting Stance

by Jack D. A. Brown

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