Keep Your Golf Fitness Above Par

Posted on 25 October 2010   Articles, Fitness for Golf

Keep Your Golf Fitness Above Par

By Robin Boddy

Golf fitness enables a golfer to approach the game with verve and vigor, emerging from the high levels of energy that golf fitness imparts. It also steels the player against suffering injuries, builds up his stamina, and helps him maintain a consistent performance game after game. Golf fitness focuses on the development of rotational flexibility and rotational strength of the muscles and joints that are made use of while playing golf. A golf player needs to tone up his shoulders, hips, hamstring, knees, lower back, and abdominal area in order to enjoy the game. Here are a few pointers on how you as a golfer can achieve golf fitness:

1. You don’t need any expensive gym memberships to get started on a golf fitness program. Neither do you need to burn cash on buying expensive home-gym equipment. To get started all you need is your body, an exercise mat, and a whole lot of willpower. If you prefer working out in a gym, by all means do so – but you will be doing the same “home” exercises out there.

2. There are many golf fitness training CDs/DVDs/books available on the Internet. Read their reviews and pick up one that you feel will work best for you.

3. If you can afford it, hire a golf fitness trainer and work under his close personal supervision.

4. Basic rotational flexibility exercises that you can do at home involve simple and easy rotational stretching exercises that strengthen the core, lower back, shoulders and hips.

5. Rotational strength training can also be easily done at home. Rotational strength training requires simple and inexpensive golf fitness equipment such as dumbbells, exercise tubing, stability ball, exercise band and a medicine ball. Rotational strength exercises require a golfer to mimic his swing, but under resistance. The result is new and improved muscles/joints and a fresh new you, raring to have a solid swing at golf.

6. If you are overweight, then you need to knock off the extra flab if you want to enjoy golf. Not only will your golf game improve, your body will also become more flexible and you will start looking better too.

Golf fitness has many benefits: It helps improve a golfer’s swing, increase his endurance and reduce game-related injuries. Once a golfer has achieved a certain level of fitness, he must turn his focus and attention on golfing equipment – Did you know that custom-made golf clubs help improve swing power? So, if you combine golf fitness with the right golf fitness equipment, you will be on course to golfing excellence.

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Keep Your Golf Fitness Above Par

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