Information on Five Cool Golfer Aids

Posted on 12 November 2012   Articles, Golf Equipment, Golf Instruction

Information on Five Cool Golfer Aids

From a distance, learning golf is a pretty simple affair. All one would need to do is check his body movement, the swinging of his bat, the right timing and the perfect aim. No matter how simple these phrases might sound, in practice they are even harder. Talent alone will not be sufficient for an individual to become a good golfer. Discipline, concentration and the appropriate training are very important as well. While it is not always possible to afford the training from a practiced golfer, many aspirers have made their mark just by the help of training aids, which are available in abundance from the online sporting goods stores.

Let us have a quick look at some of the most popular golfer aids.


This aid has proved helpful in increasing the strength and power of the golfers. ‘Swing’ is one of the most crucial features of the golfing and leaderboard helps improve its reliability. There are  a lot of renowned names like K.J. Choi, Stuart Appleby, Adam Scott, Zack Johnson have used leaderboards and improved their shots to the level of perfection.


Medicus is a kind of a dual hinge driver. It is one of the most effective ways of improving your range and swinging. With this aid it is now possible for a golfer to practice on a plane while the exact rhythm is maintained. If the swing is wrong, you will find that the dual hinge driver pivoting,, but if the swing is correct the hinge remains together.

DVD Entitled Practice Like the Pros

These are a set of four DVDs, which consist of instructions and suggestions from professional golfers. They have played an instrumental; role in educating the amateur golfers. They have tips, mental strategies, analysis and other techniques from the pros. There is also this 20 minute pre-game routine, which has a great effect on the golfer’s performance.

p3 Pro Swing

It is a kind of a swing analyzer and booster. This aid preferred by a large number of wannabe golfers. Its usage is restricted within no age barrier or skill level. It can also be used within one’s home. One will have immediate information on the length of the distance travelled by the ball, the club’s speed, the angle of the swing path and the club and many such other factors regarding the shot, thanks to the 65 infrared sensors.

Indoor Putting and Garden Putting Greens

These are two of the most useful golfer aids. This is useful for the golfers who want to practice indoors. Though the truth remains that the indoor putting green is a nothing but a part of the actual grass in the course, it makes the same contribution to the development of a golfer’s skill as is done by the original greens. The garden putting greens are the best options for the die-hard enthusiasts.  These products are available in various sizes and fit almost all kinds of gardens. There were a number of golfers who had ‘putting greens’ as big as a golf course itself.

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