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The Numbers Don’t Lie

The Putter: Golf’s Secret Weapon

It’s the money shot. Pros around the world know this which is why they spend an inordinate amount of time on the putting green. Hank Haney could spend the week on the driving range with any average, even low-handicap, golfer working on nothing but improving drives and by the end of that week the most the golfer can expect to have increase driving distance is 10 to 15 yards 20 at the most. Wow, big deal. For example, on a par five with that extra 10 or 15 yards added on you’d probably still be hitting the same club for your second shot you would if it wasn’t 15 yards longer. On par fours you may have gone from a six-iron approach to a 7-iron approach. Again, big deal. How many golfers do you know that have widely varying skill between their 6-iron and 7-iron’s? Not many. Mr. Haney, at best, would teach you to score maybe a couple of strokes better per round and a couple more for driving accuracy improvement, let’s say a total of around 4.

To Play Better, Putt Better

On the other hand, Mr. Haney could take that golfer to the putting green for a couple of hours and would have no problem making the golfer a 20% better putter. Golfers on average will take around 40 putts in their average round. Doing the math, this small, brief increment of putting improvement would go a long way toward lowering a golf score. Putting is about 50% of an average golfer’s game, so to enjoy better scores this is the most important skill to work on.

To Putt Better, Practice More

Golf isn’t cheap. So most of the people who play it are very busy making a living in order to afford it. Which puts practice time at a premium. But frequent and regular practice is what it takes to become a great putter with a lower handicap.

Steal Some Quality Practice Time From Your Busy Day With A Home Putting Green

To Practice More Do It At Home

It’s not hard to find a pretty nice putting green at golf courses in most areas. But if it’s a city, chances are it’s a pretty good distance away to get to the golf course and putting green. So if you have an hour to spare and it’s 20 minutes there 20 minutes back and only 20 minutes to practice, it’s doubtful you’ll do it. On the other hand, with a quality home putting green that’s less than 20 steps away either in your house or in your backyard makes for an efficient use of limited practice time without the round trip drive and makes it more likely that you will do it.

Artificial Putting Greens – Practice That Feels Real

Since Astro Turf arrived four decades ago there have been many strides toward making artificial turf feel and putt like the real thing. You can even set one up to create breaking putts. At this point in time, most reasonably priced putting greens or mats are so close to the real thing that they are very effective in helping a golfer develop their putting skill and a level of confidence that would not otherwise have been achieved. Scores will drop fast! To learn more about the pros and cons of installing a home putting green go here.

Don Carlton is a former 3-handicapper who writes on golf putting and the why and how of becoming a much better putter in the shortest period of time. He writes mostly about the practicality of putting practice at home, which has led him to be a consistently good putter of a golf ball. He does not sell any golf or putting green products and has no relationship with anyone who does.

by Don Carlton

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