Improve Your Play With the Right Golf Exercises

Posted on 26 October 2010   Articles, Fitness for Golf

Improve Your Play With the Right Golf Exercises

By Jameson Meer

Talent has very little to do with being the best golfer in your club. Becoming a champion golfer all boils down to practice and determination. Of course, routine golf exercises ensure that you are in perfect physical shape to perform your swings, add power to your shots, and more. Most who indulge in this sport tend to make do with what they have, allowing no room for improvement and eventually ruining the experience.

Reason For The Exercise

One of the most important components of golf is muscle power. Unlike other sports, where speed and balance are important aspects, golf requires you to have enough strength on your arms to add power to your swing for the duration of the game. It wouldn’t do you any good to go all out at the beginning only to get tired after a few holes.

Aside from muscle stamina, golf exercises also aim to increase your flexibility and tolerance for motion. Doing backswings with a stiff body will not give you enough power for a good shot. Imagine yourself as a spring — the more power you give out, the more you wind yourself in.

Another reason why you need proper golf training exercise is to improve your lower back. Despite the need to be flexible and improve muscle strength and stamina, it is necessary to get your lower back in proper shape. This guarantees that you won’t suffer from joint pains when you bend for the shot or flex for the swing.

Some Exercises to Try Out

The basic golf stretch is one of the most common exercises performed by avid golfers. Do it with low-weight high-rep exercises to improve your core. Keep in mind, however, that being too relaxed with your training will not get you anywhere. It’s best if you build up your determination and drive first so you find yourself actively seeing through the entire golfing experience until the very end.

There are three basic areas targeted by golf exercises — your swing, your muscle stamina, and your core. Each has its own specific elements that require development. For example, your swing can be improved with an exercise called a lunge twist. Cardiovascular and stretching improves your core, muscle stamina, and flexibility.

If all these activities sound like a chore, keep in mind that you don’t have to do these exercises everyday. At least 3 times a week should be enough to get you going and pumped up. Start with small exercises that fit your initial endurance level and then improve and add more as you go along.

Proper golf exercises ensure that you are in top shape for the perfect swing. Ensure your flexibility with golf stretches and improve your body’s stamina and accuracy with the right golf training exercise to add to your program.

Improve Your Play With the Right Golf Exercises

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