How To Use Your Irons Consistently

Using Your Irons More Consistently

Golfers often have something of a love/hate relationship with their irons because they sometimes find they have inconsistent performance with them, either striking the ball just right, or messing up and pulling divots from the course. Some try to cure this with top-name clubs, but having the best equipment is no guarantee you’ll get the accuracy and precision you need from your irons. Take a look at the tips below:

Get Into A Routine

Firstly, formulate a fixed routine for setting up your shot. This may sound silly, but even the pros follow an established sequence when getting ready to take their shots. Golf researchers looked into the routine of Jack Nicklaus, and found that it never changed in length by more than a minute. Following a fixed sequence will help you master the process quickly, and give you the consistency you seek.7 iron

Take a look at your swing

Do you notice any jerky movements in your swing? A common mistake golfers make is to take their backswing too quickly. A slower backswing will give you greater control over the speed and power of the downswing. A good way to practice is to first take your speed down to say 30% of normal, and hit 10 or 20 balls. Then take it up to 40%, and then 50%, and by the end of the final drill at 50% you’ll be set.

Determine Your Distance

Another important step is to determine on average how far you can hit with each iron. One of the biggest causes of accuracy problems is that we don’t know how far the ball will go with each club we use. Take 10 practice shots with each iron and gauge how far they travel, take an average and then make a note. Don’t use the furthest you can hit as an indicator! Once you are familiar with the distances, you will know better which iron to choose in each situation you find yourself in.

ball positioning

Experiment will ball positioning

Sometimes you think you’ve made great contact and done a perfect swing, but the ball pulls to the

left! It’s so frustrating! Pro golfers have said that this happens because the ball is positioned too far forward in your stance, meaning the club moves inside the target line as you swing. Try practice swings, moving the ball further back in your stance in small increments until you successfully eliminate this problem. If using an iron to get out of the rough, then position is also important. Play the ball at the midpoint between your heels, and stand a little closer to the ball than usual. This will give you a more powerful upright swing and descending blow.

Follow these tips while remembering the basic fundamentals such as keeping your head still, and taking time to line yourself up right and you’ll see great improvements in the accuracy and consistency of your irons shots. Don’t get too tense and frustrated! Remain relaxed and composed, and take time to get to know your clubs and what you can do with them.

Tom is an avid sports blogger who enjoys the odd round of golf in his spare time, he currently writes on behalf of Pachesham Golf Centre

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