How To Ensure You’re Ready For Your Game Of Golf

How To Ensure You’re Ready For Your Game Of Golf

When you are a golf newbie, it can all feel a bit daunting. You may worry about whether you’re wearing the right clothes, have the rights clubs or even if you are swinging your clubs correctly. If you try to follow the tips below, some more straightforward than others, it will help you feel more at home on the course and ensure you’re a lot more confident upon arriving at the club and starting to play.

1. Dress like a golfer, play like a golfer

You may think it sounds silly to dress up like a pro golfer when you are only an amateur, however, you will hopefully find it brings a bit more pride to your game and you will try harder and concentrate more as you will want to live up to your outfit.  This is not to say you should go out and spend tons of money to dress up like Tiger Woods but you should invest in some nice golf shoes, polo shirts, jumpers, trousers and/ or shorts. Don’t forget accessories too, such as sunglasses (that stay on when you’re swinging) and a comfortable hat that keeps the sun out of your eyes when you’re playing.

2. Check your clubs before leaving home

If you are just starting out playing golf then it is a very good idea to always check all your clubs are present before you head out to the golf club. With this in mind, you should always double check you have your putter with you. If you’re missing a 3-iron from your bag, you can get away with it. Not so if you’re missing your putter and you’ll definitely look like an amateur if you attempt to putt with a 8-iron.  Checking your clubs before you leave home will also ensure you have the chance to clean them up if they are dirty. Nothing looks worse than arriving for a game of golf with others who play regularly, only to get your clubs out and have them covered in grime from last month’s game. Plus, it is a lot harder to play with dirty clubs and you don’t want to make it any harder on yourself.

3. Warm up before playing

So many people mistakenly believe you don’t need to warm up before playing a game of golf. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you don’t usually have problems with your shoulders, back or knees, you still need to stretch everything out before starting to play. It will not only make you more limber and improve your swing but will also make injury a lot less likely. To help you warm up it is also a good idea to go and hit a few balls at the driving range before teeing off.

4. Do a practice swing before you play each ball

You’ll no doubt have seen many people (especially pros) taking a few practice shots before moving on to play their real shot. Make sure you do this. Many people choose to just swing for the ball without taking a practice shot and end up looking silly, as they miss the ball time and time again or even slice the shot so it goes off in the wrong direction.  Golf is not meant to be a speedy game so there is nothing wrong with taking your time. There is especially nothing wrong with lining your shot up correctly and taking a few practice swings to ensure you’ve got the right angle, height and stance to make your actual shot as good as possible.

5. Don’t be too proud to take lessons

No matter what kind of golfer you are, there will always be elements to improve on. So as an amateur, don’t be too proud to take lessons–perhaps from a golf club in Worcester. Not only will taking lessons early on make sure you don’t pick up any bad habits but it will also most definitely improve your game. Getting a professional’s help and advice will also make it a lot easier for you to work out which areas of your game need improving and which elements you’re best at. This will help your confidence grow and ultimately make you a much better golfer.

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