Golf Fashion throughout History

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Golf Fashion throughout History

Golf fashion is ever changing, ranging from wearing Kilts to wearing form-fitting polos and mock t-shirts. Today athletic outfitters have been given golf apparel a more mainstream look in comparison to other professional sports. Here are the different styles used throughout history in the game of golf.

1700’s and 1800’s

As we know it golf originally came about in Scotland where Scots would play golf in its basic form by simply taking a club and swinging it at a ball to move it from one point to the other. This form of golf was played somewhere around the mid-15th century. But Golf became popular originally in Great Britain where golfers would play wearing kilts and animal skins before eventually moving onto tail coats and knee length-breeches.

Early 1900’s

Golf is a gentlemanly reputable sport so to fit in with that style, golfers would often wear long trousers and full morning jackets with ties. Men also wore knickerbockers (knickers) or short pants that ended below the knee, and shirts with starched collars and neckties along with study shoes and tweed caps.

During the War

During the war golfers stopped wearing suit jackets for sleeved shirts and bow ties, but it was still common for them to tuck their trousers into their long stockings. This was the era in which bow ties became a popular golf accessory to wear.

Mid 1900’s

During this time golf fashion made a leap in style by making loose fit Khaki pants and light polos popular and was commonly worn by famous golfers such as Gary Player and Arnold Palmer who were regarded as some of the greatest players in golf history.

1970s and 1980s

This was the time when bright exuberant colors became very popular and would be seen in the polos, socks, trousers and sweaters. The colors that were commonly used were yellows, pinks and blues. These colors were most famously worn by such golfers as Jack Nicklaus and Nick Faldo.

Golf Fashion Today

Golf fashions worn by today’s standards include Form Fitting polos, mock t-shirts, stretch pants and more. Professional golfers today wear such fashion trends produced by sports companies such as Nike and Adidas which produce a more mainstream look in comparison to any other professional sport. Golf apparel has greatly evolved in comparison to the early days of golf. Today the performance fabrics used by golfers are engineered in a way to keep you comfortable and dry both on and off the course.

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