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Learn the Secrets to Become a Golf Putting Machine and the Envy of Your Golfing Partners

What is your target?

Virtually all golfers I talk to at the amateur level say that their target is the hole when they are putting. Many also admit that they are very often more concerned about not three putting as opposed to holing out and so they end up just trying to get it close enough that the next putt is given or a certainty in medal play. That is just not the way to putt. You should be planning for every putt to go into the hole, not near it.

The hole is not the target

Did I say that you should be looking to hole every putt and now I am saying that the hole is not the target? Yes so let me explain. If you are trying to hole your putt by aiming at the hole then at least pick a small point at the back of the hole or a blade of grass on the front edge to aim at. In a moment though I am going to suggest another strategy that will really explain why the hole is not the target.

Your mind works best when tightly focused

Your mind works best when it is tightly focused on a target and the smaller and more precise that target is the better. Look at something in the distance like a tree, then zero in to half of it and then into a quarter of the tree. Now pick out a clump of leaves and if you can one leaf, or the smallest bunch of leaves you can without eye strain. As you do this “Focusing down” or “Focused in” (whichever term you prefer) notice how your concentration increases and you become more absorbed in the target. Perfect!

Aim is 18inches past the hole

Remember we discussed that the hole is never the target. Well I know that “never” is a big universal statement and I could apologize to purists who say there is never a case of never. (Thereby making a mockery of their own statement? – sorry, I digress). With some short putts (3 foot or less) picking a precise point like a blemish on the back of the cup or a blade of grass on the front edge and then confidently stroking the putt into the hole is acceptable – but ONLY if you stroke them in confidently from that distance! If you are not good at hitting short putts with confidence then do the same with those 2 of 3 footers as I am about to suggest with the longer distances.

For putts longer than a few feet you should always be looking to stroke the ball with enough power to get it to a point 18 inches (45cm) past the hole. If you are aiming at the hole and the ball stops a foot short then it is a pretty good putt from a weight perspective but from a score point of view it is a terrible putt and considering we are trying to score, coming up short is a waste of winning, if you know what I mean? Forget the hole and pick targets past the hole and watch more putts going in.

The hole is merely a point in the line

The hole is not the target, a precise point 18 inches past the hole is the target and you are focusing in on that precise point and imagining your ball stopping perfectly on your chosen spot. The hole is merely on a point in the line of the putt. Imagine a break from left to right and plan for the ball to break over the top of the hole and finish 45cm past. This way you will be getting the ball to the hole with perfect pace and focused on precise targets. If your putt length is 22 feet then the hole would be located at 20ft 6inches in that line.

Hole every Putt

I believe that you should never be looking to get a ball close but that you want to think, believe and plan to hole every putt regardless. The best way to do this is forget the hole and merely let the hole be a part of the overall line and speed of the putt. Take each putt as just an interesting challenge to pick a line and speed to a precise point and then see how close you can replicate what your mind imagined should happen. Forget results and stick to this process, have fun and enjoy the challenge and I promise you, the better you get at this the more you are going to watch putts tracking to your precise target and then disappearing down a hole before they get there.

Remember: A perfect putt, struck on the exact line and with beautiful pace, will never hit it’s target because there is a darn hole that keeps getting in the way!

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