Attention Novice Golfers: 3 Ways to Have a Better Game Every Time

Posted on 18 December 2012   Articles, Golf Instruction

Attention Novice Golfers: 3 Ways to Have a Better Game Every Time

If you’re a big fan of golfing, there’s a good chance that you do it almost every weekend, or at least try to, anyway.

You can never get enough of the great open doors, the green grass, and the gorgeous scenery that often is associated with many golf courses around the world. But even if you love doing it and you’re new to golfing, you may not be having as much fun as your possibly can, because you’re not quite as good as everyone else.

This can hurt your fun, but don’t fret, because you can always help your game, and it doesn’t take much time, either!

If you’re a novice golfer and you’re looking to have a better time every time you hit the green, here are three tips you shouldn’t ignore:

Keep Your Movement Steady and True

What this means is that if your swing is slightly off or your body is slightly off when you’re swinging your club, your aim and accuracy will be way off.

Having steady and “true” movement is what you’re trying to do to make sure the ball flies through the air in a straight pattern so you eliminate the chance of losing your ball in the rough.

I’ve found that if you keep your head straight and your shoulders level, you’ll have a much easier time when teeing off. In addition, you’ll also find that this will help you with your posture, which will decrease the chance of being injured by swinging incorrectly!

Try Plenty of New Clubs and Golf Balls

Since you’re fairly new to the game of golf, you’re probably not sure what you like or not. This is why it’s very important to try many different kinds of clubs and balls to see which one your favorite is.

With TaylorMade and Callaway consistently ranked among the best golf companies, those would be a good place to start looking.

In addition to clubs, you should also give many different golf balls a try, because you’ll never know which one is your favorite. Besides, you’ll eventually want custom logo golf balls for your own personal use. How cool would that be?

Visit Different Courses

A lot of golfers have their own favorite locations for golfing, and that’s perfectly fine. But you shouldn’t be limiting yourself to just one course, otherwise you’ll be basing your skills around one set course, which is bad. If you practice one course and only one course, once you move to another one after a year of doing the same one over and over again, you’ll be out of your element.

This is why visiting several courses is important.

And there you have, new golfers: 3 great tips for you to keep in mind next time you’re going golfing. They really do help!

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Joe Petchonka is a freelance writer who does his best to being the best sports tips to new golfers.

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