A Recreational Golfer’s Practice Plan

A Recreational Golfer’s Practice Plan

There’s no way around it. To become a better golfer, or even to maintain your skills, a golfer has to practice. But with family, job, and competing interests, where do you fit it in? Here’s a way to practice essential golf skills in the time you have.

1. At home:
Putting. This is the easiest stroke to practice. All you need is a putter, a ball, and a smooth carpet. The lid from a 28-oz. can of whole tomatoes makes the perfect target, since it’s just ¼” smaller than the regulation hole.

Practice your setup and your stroke. Practice getting your mind ready to hit the putt. The putt itself should only be about three or four feet. The lid gives you something to align yourself to, but the object isn’t to roll the ball across the lid. The point here is to keep your stroke in tune and to train your mind to think only of the stroke, and never about if you’ll sink the putt or not.

Chipping. Here again is a stroke you can practice at home in a few spare moments. Hit some balls off the carpet into a backstop like a couch cushion or a pillow. Like putting, the point of your practice is to perfect the stroke. The goal is to hit every ball cleanly, no hitting fat, and keeping your hands relaxed as they bring the club through the ball.

Pitching. You can actually practice this at home, too, inside. Hook a mattress pad over a window curtain rod and hit plastic balls into the pad. It helps to hit the balls off a carpet remnant so you don’t scuff a hole in your good floor carpet. Like with chipping and putting, you’re practicing the stroke, making clean contact and not concerning yourself with the result of the shot. How could you, anyway? The ball won’t go more than ten feet!

2. At the range:
Getting to the range once a week would be ideal, but you might have only enough time to play and not to make a second trip just to practice. In that case, here’s what you should do.

Practice after your round is over. I know that’s socializing time, so pay your respects to your friends at the 19th hole, then buy your bucket and go out to the range. Start by hitting a few of the shots you played well today, so you can retain that feeling of how to hit them.

Spend most of your time, though, on the shots that gave you problems during the day’s round. Take lots of practice swings before you hit a ball. Hit one only when you feel that your swing for this particular shot is where you want it.

Spend some time hitting pitches, since you can now practice hitting the shot to a target. Go the practice green and chip to a target, and hit some approach putts. All you had a chance to do at home is practice these strokes. Now you can practice the shot.

If you play once a week, and practice like this during the week, that will be all you need to maintain your skills and play golf in a way that you can be proud of.

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By Bob E. Jones

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