5 Unusual And Quirky Golf Rules Every Newbie Golfer Should Know

The love that men have for golf is about the same as the love they have for beer. And both of these things, women will never understand. What possible explanation could be there for the fact that a man would any day prefer hitting a ball with a stick than spending some quality time with you? Golf is a weird game, there, we said it. For all the therapy and fun that men find in it, it sure is an unusual sport. But it is not the inability of non-golfing people to understand the game that prompts us to say this. It’s the rules- the inexplicable, funny or just plain quirky ones. Don’t believe us? Perhaps, these five rules will help you better.

1)   Ball moving in water


Lakes and creeks are such an integral part of any self-respecting golf course. It is only natural for the ball to land in water every now and then. This, by implied logic also makes it natural to have a law governing this incidence. According to Rule 14-6, if your ball lands in a creek and subsequently, starts to move, you are allowed to make a stroke. Having said that, you are not allowed to defer the stroke and allow the current to improve your ball position or angle. Which in its turn leaves you with only two alternatives: take it or leave it.

2)   Touching a loose obstacle


You make a fine sturdy stroke that flies your ball into a trench. What makes it even finer is the realization that you got a good lie. However, you soon realize that there’s a pine cone happily resting behind the ball. This is what Rule 13-4/18.5 states for such a situation: move the pine cone and do your thing and you’re cost with two strokes. For a win-win situation, you are going to have to play the ball AND the cone in exactly the alignment that it is in.

3)   Wiping the dew off the ball

golf ball

“Now there’s a rule for that too?” is what we can almost hear you ask incredulously. Well, what can we say? We warned you about golf being a funny little game. This one’s especially true for the early golfing birds. We understand that given the early morning weather, your ball is bound to come nicely coated with the morning dew. But whoever made this rule certainly wasn’t so considerate. And Rule 13- 2 is documented witness to that. According to this rule, if you so much so as wipe the dew off your ball with your hands or a napkin, the move will cost you two strokes. Solution? Remove the dew/frost/water or any precipitation in the tee box, BEFORE hitting the ball.

4)   Ball ownership

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On even the slowest of days, you’re not going to be the only one golfing around, unless it’s your private property. This increases the possibility of two balls, hit by different owners, landing at the same spot. Obviously, the balls are identical, bearing no signatures of their respective owners whatsoever. According to Rule 12-2, in such a predicament, both the balls are declared lost and the players are fined a stroke. The game resumes to the previous shot.

5)   Ball covered with loose impediments

Who's for Golf?

Every now and then, such a shot is hit, that not only does the ball land in a faraway bunker, but is also covered by say, sand. Now a novice’s instant reaction would be to clean the ball completely, bring it into full visibility. However, note this- Rule 12-1b says that if you uncover the ball completely and then take the shot, the move will cost you two strokes. Therefore, remember, that as soon as you find the ball, after all that exploring in the sand, once again cover the ball with sand, leaving only a small part visible. And obviously, do not move the ball.

Jack Thomas is an avid blogger and a retired golf instructor. On his blog, he has listed some of the best golf courses in Melbourne.

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