5 Top Golfing Tips For Beginners

1. Invest in some lessons.

A lot of people take up the sport of golf without having any lessons and whilst this is just fine, you are likely to develop bad habits and techniques that will negatively affect your game. Therefore, having a few lessons to start off with is no bad thing. Lessons from a club pro are definitely worth the money and you will find the benefits from these early lessons are long lasting.

2. Get your grip sorted from the off.

One of the most important things to remember, when you’re first starting to play golf, is to ensure your grip is correct. Having the wrong grip on your clubs can be the difference between a long drive towards the green and a scuff which leaves your ball in a bunker. Make sure you take note of the different grips that should be used from an expert (club pro).

There are three main grips you should be choosing from:

a) Interlocking

b) Vardon

c) Baseball

Practice using each grip often, even when you’re not playing golf because they can feel odd at first. Perseverance is key here and you’ll find, with practice, you soon become accustomed to each of the main grips and can apply them successfully to your game.

3. Don’t buy brand new balls.

When you are first starting out, you are extremely likely to lose a lot of balls and it can get quite expensive. Therefore, it’s better to use second-hand balls, which you won’t mind losing so much. Have a look on auction sites as you’ll no doubt be able to find many people willing to give you a good deal for balls they no longer use. It’s also a good idea to check with the golf club, in their club shop. Many clubs sell off the second-hand balls they find on their courses, such as in their ponds and in the rough.

4. Practice, practice, practice.

Golf can be a very frustrating sport. You can have a very successful round one day and then the very next, an extremely awful round. The only way to make your game more consistent is to practice regularly. Become a regular at your local driving range and this will help you grow in confidence, whilst ensuring your long game vastly improves. You will also get a good idea about which clubs you prefer to use, as well as which grip works best for you.

5. Don’t forget about your putting technique.

So many people forget how important it is to practice putting, as well as work on their long game. Keep in mind the ultimate aim is to get the ball in the hole, so you can have as long a drive as you want but if you can’t putt, you’re never going to be as good as you want to be. Around 50% of every golf game is going to be about putting, so try and allocate about 50% of your practice time to practicing your putting.

James writes for the Worcester golf club. When not writing, he can often be found practicing to improve his swing.

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