5 Key Things You Need to Know to Play Good Golf

Posted on 26 October 2010   Articles, Golf Instruction

5 Key Things You Need to Know to Play Good Golf

By Michael M Lewis

Follow these simple golf instructions to ensure you play good golf. It is not enough to know how to hit a golf ball. You need to understand the various aspects of the game. To find out what you must know before you hit the course read on.

1) Get the right golf equipment. What I mean here is the right equipment for you. Just because Phil Mickelson plays a certain type of driver doesn’t mean you should too. There is equipment to suit all types of budget. However, remember that you could be using the equipment for many years. Buying more expensive is not necessarily a bad thing in this case. Be sure to get the right size, the right flexibility of shaft ( stiffer for beginners), and the right type of clubface (bigger for beginners). Ask in your local golf store for assistance here. Some may even let you try demo clubs to help you make the decision. Imagine driving a racing car for your first automobile? You wouldn’t be able to do it. Same for golf equipment. Get the right stuff for you and your golf game.

2) Master your short game before anything else. If there’s one thing I want to get across in these golf instructions is that everyone wants to be the big hitter. Except, the drive only happens a maximum of 18 times per round (in reality less due to par 3s and difficult holes). You spend much more time on short shots so it makes sense to get your short game down. Many achieve a lower handicap because of this fact. On the range put your driver away, get busy with your wedges and hit the practise putting green.

3) Get your mind straight. Golf can be very frustrating. Even for the pros. What makes the difference between a great player and an average one is what’s between their ears. Better players are able to shrug off how they feel about bad shots and move on to the next. They are focused on a better shot and don’t worry about what went before. Learn to be relaxed on the course and be in the flow of the game. You will not hit a perfect shot every time. Don’t believe me? Watch the pros and you’ll find out that they are often wayward. Its how they deal with it and recover that makes them the best.

4) Learn how to manage the golf course. So many shots are lost by players taking high risks. Before you shoot take account of whats ahead of you. Do you really need to take a driver on this one? Maybe the fairway is too narrow and there’s lots of woodland – best to take an iron and keep it accurate. Golf courses are designed to trip you up. This is the challenge and the more you think about the shot you take the less you’ll be spending time in the bushes and sandtraps. They’re not called traps for nothing.

5) Think about your swing when you’re practicing. Don’t think about it when you play a round. Swing thoughts are distracting. Even more so when you’re struggling because you try to coach yourself round and more often than not make your swing worse. Play the swing that you’ve got that day and make adjustments. If something is terribly wrong wait until you get back on the practice range to iron the kinks out. If you practice the right things enough your body will remember what to do when you get on the course.

These golf instructions are a set of guidelines that will help you become a better golfer. When I first started out I mostly did the opposite and almost gave up the game. I now play with same enthusiasm and love that I had when I first started out.

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5 Key Things You Need to Know to Play Good Golf

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