5 Important Physical Fitness Components for Golf

Posted on 03 September 2012   Articles, Fitness for Golf

5 Important Physical Fitness Components for Golf

Many people today are still uncertain about whether golfers need to strictly adhere to their physical fitness regimen.  However, if they only know some of the secrets of Tiger Woods’ success then they will realize the importance of physical fitness.  Tiger Woods ability to focus and achieve his optimal performance has been attributed to the fact that he also followed a physical fitness regimen. The following are some of the most important physical fitness components that every golfer needs to have:


Balance has been one of the most important keys to almost every sport.  Certainly, golf is not an exemption to this. Those who lack the ability to balance will most likely to fall when they had to swing their golf clubs. This usually happens in times of a follow through. Without balance, an amateur golfer can hardly place the shot on its intended place.  Therefore, those who are aspiring to be good at playing golf must perform exercises that help them achieve balance during the game.  One example would be standing on only one leg for at least 15 seconds.  As you perform this exercise often, you will no longer have difficulty in achieving balance. Thus, you will find it easier to hit those golf balls even if you are standing on only one leg.


Golf is the kind of sport which warrants great flexibility.  Flexibility is what enables them to perform the right swing in order to hit the golf ball. Most of the time, those golfers who are slim and active will outdo those players who have bigger body built. Therefore, every golfer must perform exercises that help improve the flexibility of their body especially their shoulders and hips. Their fitness program must include more of stretching exercises.  Furthermore, they need to strictly adhere to their warming up and cooling down exercises before and after every game or practice.

Core Stability

Any golfer who lacks the core stability becomes at risk of being inefficient and inconsistent during the game.  On the other hand, those who possess a solid core will find it easier to execute powerful movements during the game. However, in order to achieve core stability one should not merely rely on performing crunches. Their physical fitness program must include several exercises that help strengthen one’s muscles in the hips, glutes and abdomen.  Russian twists, planks and ball roll outs are just few examples of exercises that help every golfer achieve core stability. These exercises will not only give you a six-pack abs and spare you from experiencing stress and anxiety. Most of all, it enables you to swing golf clubs and hit the ball accurately with lesser strain and reduced vulnerability to injuries.

Cardiovascular Strength

Contrary to what many people believe, golf requires much of cardiovascular strength from each player. If you have watched only a few of golf tournaments you will probably believe that golf is indeed not physically demanding.  But, what many people do not realize is that all throughout the duration of the game golfers do walk for about 5 miles. Of course, we do not count those players who frequently rely on golf carts. Therefore, if you want to stay focused during the entire game you need to possess enough of cardiovascular strength. To lessen your risks of experiencing physical strain, you may indulge in walking, jogging and running activities as part of your fitness regimen.

Speed and Power

Every golfer needs to have speed and power.  In order to achieve this, your fitness program must include power swings.  Power swings is a type of exercise that allows golfers to practice doing backswings with the use of a medicine ball.  Resistance training is also another important part of one’s exercise regimen which helps improve speed and power of a golf player. However, if golf tournaments are on its peak season one has to practice only those lighter types of resistance training.  This is to ensure that the player will not experience tightness when he makes a swing during the game.

One must remember that any physical fitness program must be coupled with healthy diet and nutrition in order to obtain an improved overall health.  Thus, optimal performance during the game will also be achieved.

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