3 Suggestions To Play Golf Without Looking Like A Newbie

Posted on 11 September 2012   Articles, Rules and Etiquette

When you first start playing golf, of course you want to put on a good showing for your efforts. You can do that if you follow the advice of those with years of experience. For one thing, you should spend all your time off the main course until you can play with some consistency.

So you know for a fact that you want to learn how to play golf. And maybe you’re ready to buy clubs for the very first time – great, then do this. Find a place that will let you hit a golf ball, or two, and of course they need to be close to a range. What you need to figure out, and it’s easy, is how much flexibility or stiffness that feels right for you. Hit a few balls with a 6-iron, and you want to hit with a stiff/flex shaft and an iron with normal flex to it. Now, when you’re hitting balls with each club, see which one is easier to control and that’s the one to go with. 

All smart and good athletes know the value of warming up before they begin training. The same principle applies to golfing or practicing at the driving range. You can warm up your body, but avoid starting out with ball crushing and seeing how far you can hit. You can warm up the right way by starting out with your short irons or even your wedges. Avoid going for broke, and just do half or partial swings for a while. Then move on to the middle range irons with a little more swing, etc. Wait until you’re feeling good and you’re hitting with good speed and accuracy. Then finish off with the drivers you wanted to begin with in the first place.

If you are not sure what a pitch shot is as compared to a chip shot, then this is for you. Plus, you need to know when to use each one as well as how to practice them. A pitch shot will travel with more altitude than a chip shot. The chip will will be much lower and typically just stays low to the ground and on it. Also, a properly hit pitch shot will not roll like a chip, or at least not spend so much time rolling. A pitch shot will have a landing that is not hard due to the height and trajectory and should stop a bit faster than the chip. You definitely do not want to use the chip when there are obstacles of some kind to deal with. 

Even if you’re young and agile when you first pick up a club to play golf, always go through the warm up first. Spend some time on the driving range before you begin your round on the main course. Just try this and you’ll be amazed with how well your game unfolds.

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